Dune RPG Adventures in the Imperium

Dune RPG Adventures in the Imperium

Dune: Adventures in the Imperium on Roll20, Discord

Price per player-session

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  • Duration: 2.5 to 4 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: Open to all

Price per player-session

About the adventure

Let's RP in the setting of Dune by Frank Herbert. Themes include "Who will our next oppressors be?", and "Four planets have come to our attention", and "The Spice must flow". Roleplaying combination of Voice and Text gameplay, focused on Narrative RP gaming, featuring Community, Factions, Skills, Drives, Ambitions, intrigue, double-crossing, duals, skirmish, conflicts, warfare, Communicate Skill checks, Foci, drive statements. Character Archetypes from DUNE like Bene Gesserit, Spymaster, Mentat, ornithopter pilots, Noble Heirs to a House Major aspiring to become a Great House, feudalism, imperialism, soldiers, battle, desert survival, space travel, worm riding, and possibly but rarely an epic death of a player's character. Upon admission to this Dune: Adventures in the Imperium with Game Master Gold, you are joining a full-fledged Dune RPG community for the entire weekend of Roll20CON. We will play your first Adventure using Roll20 website (you can log in with Free Roll20.net account and enjoy my Roll20 Pro account benefits on this game). We'll use Discord Voice for verbal communication during this live game session. Before and after game, communicate with GOLD #5649 on Discord with any questions, I'm open. Game System: Dune by Modiphius based on 2d20 with Momentum pool and Threat points. System Knowledge Required: None in advance. Learn while we play. RPG Game Rules provided! Licensed from Modiphius, fully pre-paid through Roll20 Pro account on Roll20 Marketplace in advance of your game time, the core Rules are Shareable with up to 15 Players on my Roll20 Pro Tabletop Compendium for Dune and/or Player Handouts included. This is the $64 digital version published for Virtual Tabletop play, including benefits of the GM Toolkit, and the "Harvesters Of Dune" adventure Act 1. Twitch TV may be ON sharing our screen with online audience, fans of the campaign. Live streaming can be allowed. Video cams and Webcams are DISABLED, not turned on. There is not a video of your face in this. We display your Character's face through Roll20, and we hear your Voice via Discord. I might post YouTube highlights later for everyone's enjoyment and review of your game. I'm a former radio host, TV producer, interviewer, teacher, and video editor. Any 1-2 Co-GM's out of 5 may attend the game to assist the Players as well during or throughout your session with GM Gold. They assist with everything including Combat mechanics, managing the order of taking turns, responding as Loremasters of the setting when called upon, and advising your Character Sheet for changes. I have a team of 5+ who personally helped build this Dune campaign. Lurkers and observers may be there, usually to listen silently and watch, sometimes to play as an NPC. Your player group will probably not be all alone in this interplanetary living world game setting.

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Additional Details

How to prepare

You must have a Roll20 account (the Free Roll20 account will suffice, GM Gold has the Pro level that shares the benefits to all Players in this game). Read/type, roll dice, and RP in Roll20 during the game times. You must join into Discord. We'll chat on text pre-game and after games. During game hours we'll use Discord Voice. You will need a good audio enviroment and settings for Discord to ensure there is no Feedback, and not too much background noise. If you have background sound, you gotta MUTE your Discord or use Push-To-Talk mode. If you CANNOT use voice or hearing for any reason, tell GM Gold and I will endeavor to accommodate you by typing important actions. I strongly believe in accommodation and endeavor to practice inclusivity.

What I provide

Gold brings the Roll20 Pro account. API scripts. Face tokens. Character sheets. Maps and incredible painted Dune illustrations. Gold brings digital 3D dice to roll. You choose your own Dice Color in the game table (ask Gold for the trick to change your dice colors). Gold provides the Rules of the game, Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, licensed from Modiphius and paid-up in Roll20 Marketplace. Gold has established a Roll20 and Discord gaming community around this Dune campaign. There are other Player-Characters and NPC's and Co-GM's for you to interact with. It is a vibrant Dune community expected to continue the overall campaign from 2021 through the next Dune Part Two movie release in 2023. Keep your Char Sheet. You may export your Character Sheet to the Roll20 Character Vault during the course of gameplay, if you want a copy of it to play in other tabletops or in your own games. You might get comments, remarks, or fame on Twitch TV or YouTube after this too. You'll probably at least get Screenshots or Highlight VOD to remember your session.

Gameplay details

Roll20 Gold game tabletops respect the "Safety Deck" with playable cards included for Stop, Slow Down, and Keep Going. Twitch TV, YouTube, broadcasting, Co-GM's, NPC, and lurkers/observers from the Dune community may be ON during your game. Your participation in this includes your Voice and Text from this game session being shared. Players expect to join a Dune roleplaying community with several playable Houses, the Bene Gesserit faction, the Spacing Guild faction, and the Fremen people of Arrakis desert planet. Heavy roleplaying group. Try to stay in-character on Voice and Text for 75% of the game time. Combat exists in the game, but an extended Battle conflict is unlikely to come-up in your first session. There will be mystery, intrigue, travel, character introductions, backstory, learning about the setting, flying in an ornithopter, and several Skill Checks (dice being rolled from your Character Sheet within Roll20). There is 1 puzzle, which will require at least 1 member of the group to attempt solving a visual puzzle by recognizing a hidden clue on the Roll20 tabletop map page. If you read this message you'll know there is a hidden barrel of spice. The Roleplaying Game titled Dune: Adventures In The Imperium is newly released in 2021, timed with the new movie. Everyone is new to playing this game. It is a modified 2d20 game system by Modiphius. I have been studying this game system to the best of my ability to get ready for this, and to help teach new players how to play this type of Roleplaying Game with ease.

Content warnings


Safety tools used


How will character creation work

My gaming group collaborated to create a whole host of Dune Characters of any and all genders (and the gender can be changed to whatever you want). The character sheets are completely filled-in with what you'll need to "do rolls" in this game: Skills, Drives, Drive Statements, Determination, Advancement Points. GM Gold has innovated a cool group-shared Momentum pool and Threat points tracker. We can all access and agree to spend Momentum. If you later book a longer Dune campaign with GM Gold, you can ask to create your own original character in the same setting and timeline as your first Dune pre-gen has already played, and I'll let you keep any unspent Advancement Points earned across my sessions.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Low
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Medium
  • Experience Level: Open to all

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