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This is a low-level 5th edition D&D campaign that is perfect for new and longtime players. The adventures take place along the sword coast of Faerun within the Forgotten realms. The general theme is fantasy heroes. The...

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How to prepare

If you have not done so please read the basic rules at If youhave questions about how to play we can discuss during character building. Please create a roll20 and dndbeyond account.

What I provide

I will provide maps, virtual minis, and dice on roll20. The character sheet and books will be provided on dndbeyond.

What else should you know

In the character building appointment please tell me any triggers you'd like me to avoid as well as the pronouns you use.

Gameplay Details

5th edition Dungeons and Dragons is a d20 system, meaning players will be making choices for the characters they play, rolling multi-sided dice and adding their skill to the dice roll to determine success. This adventure will be played as a campaign. meaning there will be several sessions in a continued narrative. At the start of this session, I will have players introduce their characters by giving a short description of pronouns, appearance, and goals. At this point in subsequent sessions we will spend time determining what our character has done with their downtime(the time they spend in between adventures). After some reason to adventure has come up, whether we look on the job board or there is some pressing danger, the rest of the session will be catered to exploring the world and fighting adversaries. At the end of each session the rewards of the adventure will be reaped. Planning- Interpersonal strategizing out of combat is an option, but to keep things interesting I will make you think on your feet when the situation demands it. Exploring- I populate the world with interesting characters and locations, and exploring is in no way limited other than speed of travel. Combat- I use a map program called roll20 to map out combat. I'm flexible with how you choose to proceed with combat.

How Will Character Creation Work

We will schedule a 10-30 min personal appointment via zoom or discord to create characters at level 1 on dnd beyond.

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