Draco-Terramada: A Time for Heroes

Draco-Terramada: A Time for Heroes

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  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: Beginner

Price per player-session

About the adventure

Draco-Terramada, the world the dragon's made. It has been over 200 years since the God's War finally came to an end. Though much had been lost, civilization has finally gotten back on its feet. Like with any young child's first steps, it wouldn't take much to bring things tumbling back down into chaos. There are several such seeds of chaos, threatening civilization's delicate balance. That is why it's said to be a time of heroes. A time when a simple person, at the right place, at the right time, can change destiny for the entire world. Draco-Terramada is a high fantasy, custom campaign world, 20 years in the making. A huge world with a rich history, deep cultures, and a fantastical, almost living narrative, it puts a new spin on the classic fantasy setting. With 7 different world altering, epic campaign plots that each explore a different aspect of the setting, yet will often intertwine with the others. There is always a new chapter to read, or a blank page to pen your own story, in Draco-Terramada. Current Possible Campaigns: ***Regashin The Legacy. The Broken Sword. The Hero's Bane. The greatest sword in existence was shattered by the Gods because they feared its power. Over the ages, those who have strived to reunite the pieces are never heard from again. Now, the pieces have started surfacing once again, and this time, they're in your hands. The choice is yours; will you take up the quest for the sword for good? For evil? Or will try and destroy it once and for all? And can you do so without joining all the souls its claimed before you? ***Winter’s Heart In a time long ago, a powerful ice sorceress lead an army of frost giants and white dragons, covering most of world in an eternal winter. She was eventually stopped by the legendary hero Joseph Cartigan, who sealed her in a prison of her own power. Now, after the God's War, and with the Courageous Cartigan long gone, is the perfect time for evil to rise once again. A cold wind blows from the north, frost giant sightings are on the rise, and something is pushing the Gorkin clans of the Badlands further south. As the masses huddle around their dwindling fire places, a chill of fear runs through their hearts. A fear that the Heart of Winter is free once again, and plans to finish what she started so long ago; to cover the world in never ending winter. ***The Corruption Since the creation of our world, it has been protected by the mysterious Gatekeeper and his wards. However, since the God's War, some of those wards seem to be failing. Now, a new threat is seeping into the realm, threaten everything. Can you find the threat and stop it before its corruption gets a permanent foothold on our world? ***The Crimson Rose The kingdom of Hylorn is in a constant struggle for stability. Wealthy merchants, noble houses, religious leaders, everyone is fighting to increase their power and influence, while trying to hold on to what they already have. Now, a new player has entered the field; a female vigilante and master archer has started attacking the wealthy and corrupt, exposing their sins to the world. She goes by the name; the Crimson Rose, and many believe she's as dangerous as she is beautiful. You've been sent/summoned to the capital to aid the king's men in tracking her down and ending the waves of unrest spurred on by her actions. Will you follow your duty, or side with this alluring redhead in her campaign for justice? ***Breach in the Veil Legends tell that our world was created by the mighty Bahamut, Lordfather to all dragons, in his fight against the the Elder Ones, god-like beings of pure chaos. When Bahamut eventually defeated the Elder Ones and their hoard of monstrosities, he banished or sealed them away, never to return to this new realm. Then, he just vanished, leaving our realm with no word as to where he was going, or if he'd ever return. Now, eons later, thanks to the God's War, the wards seem to be failing, and the dark influence of one of the Elder Ones can be felt in our realm once again. ***Shard of the Lost God’s Soul There are tales, whispered in dark places, that tell of a power hungry deity that nearly conquered the heavens. Eventually brought down by the surviving pantheon, their name was stricken from all records, to be lost forever to time. But a cult of loyal followers have persisted throughout the ages, and believe that their master is still out there, waiting to seek their revenge. Now, they believe they have finally pieced together what happened, and work to bring back their Lost God. ***The Invasion of Shadows Figures move in the night. Sightings of strange beings have been coming from the lands to the far south, wielding weapons and devices of incredible power, the likes of which haven't been seen since the legendary Arkaran Empire. Reports tell an unstoppable army that moves with the night, invading the southern kingdoms of Streaga. Who are these mysterious beings? And what is the secret to their technology. Only one thing is known for sure; they are coming, and they will make the world theirs, or burn it to the ground.

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Additional Details

How to prepare

You will need a Roll20.net account (Free) to be able to play this game. A headset, or mic/headphones, will be required to do game via voice. Though, game can be done via text if needs be. Knowledge of the system and of Roll20 is helpful, but not required.

What I provide

Everything else needed will/has been provided by myself or is a function of Roll20.net

Gameplay details

While the specific flow of each game will depend on which campaign plot is followed, there are some similarities to them; all of them deal with a level of mystery, usually to uncover the nature of the threat and how to best deal with it. Most have a explorative aspect to them, as the PC's travel the world seeking aid or answers and discovering new aspects or histories of the world. Several of the campaigns also tie together. So that the events of one have a large effect on one or more others.

Content warnings


Safety tools used


How will character creation work

Most characters will be created at 3rd level, and generated in session with the GM's supervision. As this is a custom world, there are some character options, such as races, backgrounds, and even subclasses, that may not be available.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
  • Roleplay: Medium
  • Puzzles: Medium
  • Experience Level: Beginner

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