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You are part of the mercenaries employed by Sergent Knox to protect the city from its many dangers, it involves quests and dungeons. The quests involves visiting Neverwinter, Helm's Hold, Neverdeath, Neverwinter woods, ...

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How to prepare

Have discord and also it's better if you know a little bit of 5e. Again create character beforehand if you can. Have discord installed, have a microphone if possible or you will have to type, I will probably do both.

What I provide

I will try to illustrate the different places and characters that I prepared earlier.

What else should you know


Gameplay Details

You will be given several possible questlines and from what you choose you will visit certain locations and explore a little lair of your enemies maybe while also discovering more about Neverwinter and meet some of its famous citizens.

How Will Character Creation Work

It's better you create a character first, and it should be fitting the Forgotten Realms. Recommended good or neutral characters but if you really want to make it evil fair enough.

Players can expect







Experience Level


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