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Our world is one where the era of high magic has ended and a period of uncertain peace has reigned for a time. But schemes and plots are always brewing beneath the surface. One never knows what might break out. There is ...

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How to prepare

If possible please create characters, and reach out to me for approval of the characters. As we will be playing on skype that is the only thing you will be required to download. Being at lease causally familiar with the core 5th edition rules would be helpful but not required. If possible have a copy of the players handbook, but if not I can provide on ahead of time if you email me prior to our session.

What I provide

I will have dice that can be used to roll during the game for players if needed. I will also try to upload maps or NPC/Monster images on the occasion to better ground things in the mind of the group. But this will not always be required.

What else should you know

Our sessions will be taking place over skype. Having a camera would be helpful to allow other characters gauge reactions during role play sessions.

Gameplay Details

The biggest thing that will be planned out are your characters and their backgrounds. As I find this enables the role playing aspect easier. There will be exploration, loot opportunities, and combat will be largely dependent on character choices.

How Will Character Creation Work

If able please pre create level 20 characters. Then reach out to me for approval. If inexperienced we can do level 1-3 characters and I can either provide characters from a pre made selection of classes. That we will set up as soon as possible to get right into the game.

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