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Delta Green Introductions

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Delta Green Introductions

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Price per player-session
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  • Duration: 3 to 6 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: None

Price per player-session

About the adventure

The apocalypse is already happening, you just don't realize it because it's been happening for decades, maybe centuries, possibly millennia. The end of the world isn't as dramatic as everyone imagines it to be, it's slow, deliberate, like a slowly spreading poison or disease. As Delta Green Agents you are tasked with slowing that progress. Delta Green is usually a modern setting game, meaning typically the operations will be set sometime between the 1970s to right now. All operations take place in a mirror version of our own world where the differences are minor at best if you ignore all the Elder Gods, impossible creatures, cults, cursed artifacts, and hyper geometry that insists on existing in defiance to reality. Delta Green is an investigatory game that often feels like a slow burn that then leads to an eventful and often tense and horrifying showdown with an element or manifestation of the Cthulu Mythos. Players conduct a covert investigation into an incident of some kind that has been deemed worthy of Delta Green attention and spend time collecting clues, questioning witnesses, analyzing samples, and often violating the actual law as they go about this. Agents are expected to lie, deceive, steal, and sometimes worse if it's required to successfully contain the Unnatural. All operations are intended to take one setting, but due to the investigatory nature of Delta Green may take two to complete. Given the introductory nature of these missions they will move faster and feature more hints and advice from the Handler on how to play Delta Green Delta Green is a horror game about humans standing in stubborn defiance of inevitability and often features dark topics like murder, fanaticism, and other dark themes and elements that while intentionally uncomfortable given the horror setting maybe be uncomfortable for some players. As Agents you will never be encouraged or expected to engage in any behavior that makes you uncomfortable, but there is a chance you may be investigation truly terrible people or events. Before each session there will be a few questions about group comfort with topics and a safety card system will be used as well.

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4 Reviews

15 years as a TTRPG player

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Players will need a mic and an understanding of how to play Delta Green

What I provide

Virtual table top, all Delta Green books

Gameplay details

Delta Green is a dark game full of the horrors of modern day life as well as of the eldritch variety. The game could potentially feature themes such as: death, corruption, violence, fear, mental health, isolation, among other mature topics that might overlap with an investigation into an unnatural incident.

Content warnings


Safety tools used


How will character creation work

I can generate characters with player input, pre-gens, or players can bring their own

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Low
  • Roleplay: Medium
  • Puzzles: Low
  • Experience Level: None

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