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The Dwarven city of Dunavo's noble miners have opened up a cavern filled with crystal and living crystal guardians. Tremors started deep in the earth soon after. The archmage will send a select team down into the depth...

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How to prepare

Be able to transcribe the stats I have onto your own character sheet. Be prepared to fight strange beasts and traverse deep beneath the earth where no mortal has ever tread.

What I provide

An expansive world, lore, plot twists, and fun times. I'll have dice, character sheets, and be ready to record the results of your adventure in the history of my world.

What else should you know

No expectations. I'm still new at this and trying very hard since this is what I love.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

I will have pregenerated characters to choose from. The characters will be level 5. Once I approve an application and get in touch with the player I will discuss the character options I have left. Its first come first served for the characters.

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