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Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Roll20

This will be an adventure book style game, we will follow the majority of D&D's playerhandbook ruling with the GM (myself) interpreting the rules as the story unfolds. Taking a potion for yourself is a bonus action, spel...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Players will need to have access to Roll20, a plus/pro membership is not required. Players will need to have a standard idea of how the game works and their character ideas/sheets ready to present on the first session. All character sheets, questions, placement will be given/reviewed/approved before our first session out of game.

What I provide

I will have websites for players to create their own personal character icon for the roll20 map, I will have maps ready and monster stat blocks. Just bring your want to play D&D.

What else should you know

This will be a campaign that goes for as long as I have players that want to play.

Gameplay Details

The gameplay will depend on my players and what they are looking for, I will try to keep it balanced as we go. However, I don't plan on forcing anyone into a 2.5 hour shopping spree session.

How Will Character Creation Work

This will be with standard array using 5e players handbook and additional books, I will look over everyone's character sheet that wants to use homebrew stats or something that isn't standard. Character starting equipment will be given for free when it comes to class stats in the book. (Rogues have daggers, Mages have staffs, paladins have swords and shields) However, all other equipment will be purchased with the gold you roll per your class.

Players can expect







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