Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Dealings with Madness: A Dungeon of the Mad Mage Custom Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Fantasy Grounds, Zoom

Are you a spellcaster, seeking new knowledge? A treasure-seeker looking for a payday? An explorer, comfortable with incredibly dark and cramped tunnels beneath a great city? Or perhaps, you are simply tired of your humdr...

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How to prepare

Players should have an account with Fantasy Grounds Unity, but only the demo version is required to join the game (free). A free zoom account is also recommended to be able to communicate with the group and the DM, who will be using a pro account to remove the time limit. Camera use is not required, and if desired players can use the chat box on zoom instead of audio. Experienced players are encouraged to have their own characters created on Fantasy Grounds to be given to the dm, New players will work with the DM during session zero to create their characters.

What I provide

As this is a virtual game, no supplemental materials will be provided, save those given by Fantasy Grounds.

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Gameplay Details

A typical first session will begin with character creation. Depending on player knowledge level, this could take a little bit of time, as each character must be leveled to level 5. After, the first session will be spent creating the world and introducing both the player and non player characters involved. Second session onward will be a quest driven narrative that takes the players deeper into the dungeon, accomplishing tasks set by patrons found both in the tavern above, and in the dungeon below. Each level of the dungeon will average about 4 sessions to complete, with some being longer depending on character interactions. Dungeon of the Mad Mage is character driven, with plenty of opportunities for puzzles, combat encounters, and traps, that can be adjusted to player comfort or increased to fill a desire for challenge. Role play is encouraged, but not required.

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