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" the dawn of the Age of Gorgons, the great continent was torn asunder and in place of its once earthy heart was naught but the endless sea. There arose men, the grand-children of the gods, and Fate would set their ...

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How to prepare

A copy of the D&D: Savage Kingdoms rules variant will be sent to all registered players a week before the first session. Alternately, if players prefer to play the actual Savage Kingdoms rules set, the DM will be glad to send them a digital copy of the SK 3rd edition core rulebook free of charge.

What I provide

I'll be bringing enthusiasm, storytelling, voice-acting, and improvisational techniques to the "table"! ;)

What else should you know

The SK rules variant is slightly different than standard D&D, so players should know this up front. A few changes are even somewhat major, though these are few and far between. This is to better reflect the world of Savage Kingdoms, which, again, has its own published indie system and is now in its 3rd edition.

Gameplay Details

Standard D&D 5e rules are in effect, with modifications made by the Savage Kingdoms variant rules system. If players agree, the Savage Kingdoms rules themselves can be used instead, a published indie system utilizing the roll of a single d20 for swift action resolution. A typical session could be anything from gritty combat, exploring a mysterious ruin or island, to scheming political intrigue, but generally speaking, would likely contain a bit all of these elements. Pacing and collaborative storytelling is the emphasis here, after all, and DM Mike Yow does enjoy delving pretty deeply into roleplaying and character development as much comfortably possible for his players.

How Will Character Creation Work

A "session zero" character creation period will occur the first meeting, with hopefully some time afterward for introducing the player-characters to the setting and a little adventure-time. Session Zeros tend to help build trust and some bonding before striking off into the wilds.

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