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High level play in Eberron!  A custom crafted game of daring, intrigue and adventure

81 Reviews

High level play in Eberron! A custom crafted game of daring, intrigue and adventure

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Fantasy Grounds, Text/Play by Post

Price per player-session
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  • Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: Intermediate

Price per player-session

About the adventure

*Start at level 10 *in-session play will focus on your adventures and missions, using normal 5th edition rules *between sessions, use Discord on your own schedule to rule, protect and expand your barony using rules from Kingdoms & Warfare and from Strongholds & Followers *A combination of a regular 3 hour D&D session each week, and some Play by Post throughout the week *downtime is useful! Craft magic items, send out diplomats and spies, raise and train an army *navigate the treacherous waters of post-War politics. The dragonmarked houses, the Five Nations, the churches, necromantic fanatics, dragons and other powers all have an interest in your new little city. Eberron is a world where magic is used as technology. Lightning rails and elemental galleons ply the land, sea and air as the Five Nations (there are actually thirteen) experience the dawn of a mana-fueled industrial age. It's also a world just recovering from a century of war, and where a careless spark might set off another one. A thousand years ago prophets foretold a great doom would overtake the world of Eberron. The council of wizards who ruled the city of Myriad wanted no part of that. They crafted a mighty crystal to provide enough magic to feed and maintain the city's population, then sealed it away from the world in a pocket dimension. The crystal was fed on elemental essence conjured by the wizards, and all was good for centuries. But the city began to fracture under competing interests, and the crystal became hungrier, demanding more power and producing less. Finally it could no longer maintain the dimensional barrier and Myriad reluctantly rejoined the world. The cultural shock proved too much. Myriad spiraled into civil unrest until order was restored by a brave group of adventurers (that's YOU). The King of the country it reappeared in appointed one of you Baron and the rest advisors. Myriad is now yours to protect and to control, as best you can. But the vultures are circling. Thousand year old magics remain undiscovered in Myriad, ancient grievances survive, and factions from outside are very interested in what they can trade for - or take.

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81 Reviews

43 years as a TTRPG player

42 years as a Game Master

764 games hosted

Brings For live games, tons of dice, miniatures, and any maps or materials needed. For virtual games: Free access for players to all rules and software required to play, on Fantasy Grounds Unity (for D&D or Pathfinder) or Owlbear Rodeo (for other games) to the table

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Microphone required. Download and install Fantasy Grounds Unity (the free/ demo version) here: When you sign up, you'll get a Discord invite and log-in instructions; reach me on Discord for more help.

What I provide

Danger, thrills, victory and treasure or crushing defeat, it's up to you.

Gameplay details

The between sessions play on Discord is up to you; you can spend as much or as little time on it as you wish. It's an opportunity to develop plots that can in turn drive our weekly Sunday adventures. So if you set in motion an espionage mission against House Orien, we may play out your attempt to sneak in - or let the realm rules and dice decide, depending on how important or interesting it is.

Content warnings


Safety tools used
  • Breaks
  • Lines and Veils
  • Open Door
  • X, N, and O Cards
How will character creation work

You'll make a level 10 character (or higher, if you're joining the game later - this is as of August 2023). Options from the non-setting-specific official books are allowed, including Tasha's and Xanathar's. Races from Monsters of the Multiverse are OK. Races and options from Eberron: Rising from the Last War are encouraged and will give you connections or knowledge you won't have otherwise. These include Kalashtar, Changelings, Shifters, Warforged, Dragonmarked characters, and goblin, hobgoblin or orc characters. I didn't make this, it's a concise guide to the world of Eberron. If you aren't familiar with it, I highly suggest reading through it before deciding on a character. Characters can be made directly on my Fantasy Grounds table up to three hours before game time, by appointment. If you join later than that, you will not play this week (or be charged) and will have a week to make a character. You can also make a character on D&D Beyond if you have the resources available, and I can import it, but the importing process is imperfect so making it on FG is easier.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: High
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Low
  • Experience Level: Intermediate

Player reviews (81)

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