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Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Zoom, Foundry VTT

This is a great opportunity to test out a high level character before you commit it to a campaign. The encounter will be tailored to your wants - Kobold Fight Club will be used to balance encounters to make them, easy, h...

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How to prepare

Make sure you have, at least, a basic level of understanding of the game. Have a character build in mind. Backstory etc isn't as important. Preferably have the character built on DnDBeyond, if you don't have access - let me know what your build is and I'll create it for you.

What I provide

High quality maps - including animated spell effects. Epic battle music. An arena with built in hazards - the higher your level - the deadlier the arena!.

What else should you know

A small tutorial showing how to use the VTT will be given before battle commences.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

27 Point Buy All races and classes allowed, No UA! Multi-classing allowed. 1-4th level will start with normal equipment 5-10th level will start with 500gp and two uncommon magic items. 11-16th level will start with 5,000 gp, two uncommon magic items and two rare. 17-19th level will start with 20,000 gp, three uncommon magic items, two rare, and one very rare. 20th level will start with 25,000 gp, three uncommon, two rare, one very rare and one LEGENDARY item.

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