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Dungeons & Dragons 3/3.5e on Discord

Free short game meant to introduce players to D&D 3.5. This covers everything from character creation to combat tactics. allowing you as the player to go from not knowing anything at all about D&D3.5 to being able to joi...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Player should have a prepared D&D3.5 character sheet ether blank or with a lv 1 that you created. have Discord downloaded and be able to use voice chat.

What I provide

The game and pre made characters for those that do not know how to create one or forgot to bring it.

What else should you know

This is an all ages game so be respectful and mindful there may be kids present

Gameplay Details

Simple introduction into D&D3.5 covering the basics of the game.

How Will Character Creation Work

Player can ether create a lv 1 character before the get together or I will help the player craft a character . I will also have premade characters available.

Players can expect







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