Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Dark-Borne Blood-Souls Adventure Fun Time

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Roll20, Skype

In the city of New Dunhaven-shire-ton, you are the last remaining defenders. With the king gone and his armies disbanded, can you save your home from the Blood-Soul Curse and uncover the fate of a land all but forgotten....

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How to prepare

At the start of game, players should be ready to play with a physical or digital set of polyhedral dice (d20-d4) and D&D 5e character sheets (if pre-made by players). Players should have a Skype account and Skype installed on their preferred device with at least voice chat capabilities (unless other arrangements are made prior to session). For the best experience, players should have a free account. Optional: Players can provide an image for their Roll20 player icon if desired.

What I provide

DM will provide game maps and NPC tokens for digital gameplay on Roll20. DM will provide player characters if requested.

What else should you know

Digital game sessions only. Hopefully in-person games will be possible in the future.

Gameplay Details

D&D 5e Story-driven, action-focused, one-shot dungeon ... and death.

How Will Character Creation Work

Player characters can be provided by the DM or pre-made by the Party before the session begins according to the rules in the D&D 5th ed. Player’s Handbook (exceptions accepted upon request). Starting level TBD before session. Gameplay and difficulty can be adjusted based on the party’s experience.

Players can expect







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