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The party’s attempt to grab a rare afternoon of downtime is interrupted by a frantic sheep equipped with a Scroll of Speak to Animals and a fierce determination to get their attention. This is no mere beast, however, but...

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How to prepare

Create a 5th level character on and get ready to use your imagination!

What I provide

I'll provide the princesses, adventure, music, lots of silly voices.

What else should you know

I love to bring new players into the game, I learn from new players every time I run a session. I'm a huge proponent of "the rule of cool." I love to encourage players to be creative, collaborate, and surprise me with a new twist to an old adventure.

Gameplay Details

Join the princesses from Damsels, Dice, and Everything Nice in an adventure! This one-shot is fun romp, with some roleplay, lovable NPC's and an exciting final battle. It's the perfect opportunity for beginners to try Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. If you're a veteran player, take a chance! Bring back a beloved character, or experiment with a class you've never tried before!

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