Kids on Bikes | Dad's on Mowers - A Kids on Bikes One Shot

Kids on Bikes on Roll20, Zoom

This game is really a nice meta view of adult life. You don't HAVE to play a dad. You could play a mom or a house keeper or the old man at the end of the block. As long as you're an adult that lives on Merrygrove Lane. ...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Please have a general understanding of Kids on Bikes. Its a VERY simple system though I will be there to guide players if questions arise. Nothing but a Roll20 account is required.

What I provide

Everything will be hosted in Roll20. No physical items are required.

What else should you know

TTRPG Safety Tools will be made available to all players since we are going to be dealing with strange aspects of horror and character autonomy. A safe table is a fun table.

Gameplay Details

This one shot uses the Kids on Bikes system by Renegade Games. It uses 6 simple character stats that are each associated with a different die from D20 - D4. Characters are build around a Trope (The Bully, the Nerd, The Dad) and a single Flaw. Action is decided both by the GM and the player based on the amount of success on a roll. Truly collaborative storytelling. Kids on Bikes is much like the Goonies or Stranger Things in that it has aspects of the unexplained and horror. In the case of this game, you'd be playing the parents and adults instead of the kids.

How Will Character Creation Work

We will be using the "adult trope" builds for this game and there are pre-generated character sheets to choose from which will be provided for easy character building. I will also provide a PDF of the full rule book for players interested in building their own characters. Players should have most of their character built before hand. I will be available 30 minutes prior to game play to answer questions and help with character building.

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