Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Custom Sandbox Adventure.

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The Sandbox Adventure is designed to allow the players to create their ideal characters and to go on endless quests and adventures. Set in the lands of Ostenwald (a homebrew setting), this open sandbox adventure is int...

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How to prepare

Think of generally what kind of character you are really excited about becoming. I want to make your vision come alive. It would be good to look up the rules to D&D 5e ahead of time but, don't worry about it. Once were playing, I will guide you on what you can do, just focus on the moment. You may need to install discord, everything else is free and on web browser.

What I provide

I will provide everything needed to make the game fun and functional!

What else should you know

Please bring a vivid imagination and eagerness to play!

Gameplay Details

When you play here's what you can expect: Role play, exploration, combat. Role Play: Highly encouraged to think like how your character would think. You don't need fancy words or accents, being yourself is totally acceptable. In-game dialogue is preferred. Exploration- Tableplop, I can drop in a plethora of maps and have them ready depending where the players decide to go. Included is Tableplop's Drag and drop play style which makes exploration a Breeze. Combat- Table plop offers organic and customizable Character Sheet options that isn't restricted by pre-made programs or software. No experience needed, I can always offer to control your character so that you can be in the moment while I handle all the numbers. The game itself will be handled on a web browser that can display maps, tokens, character sheets, and more. We will be using discord for verbal communication.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters can be pre-generated by me, you can build them yourself, or ask me about booking a session 0 for building characters.

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