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A classic campaign for those who like the idea of really getting into a story, but certainly doesn't have a lack of compelling combat as well. Barovia is a Demiplane of dread, the land of werewolves, zombies, and all man...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Get in touch with me on discord, and let me know if you wouldn't mind using tabletop simulator or roll20. Preferably tabletop simulator and steam.

What I provide

I can run tabletop simulator and everything for y'all. If you add into my campaign for D&D beyond you can use all the player races/subraces/subclasses.

What else should you know

I'm flexible! This is just a test run as well, as I am by no means married to this campaign, and if you like me as a DM i'd be willing to do some other format! (I.e., one shot, smaller campaign, different campaign)

Gameplay Details

A little bit of theater of the mind to start, then a dungeon crawl! I like to transition between dungeons with theater of the mind, with the occasional overworld map. If you're more comfortable with roll20 we can do that, but I also have tabletop simulator on steam and enjoy using that and Discord. I'm okay with you using real dice at home, but please don't lie! There will be some exploring as time goes on. For session 1, it'll be a haunted house.

How Will Character Creation Work

Whichever you prefer. If you want a premade I can toss you one, If you want to bring your own you can, and if you want me to walk you through it 1 on 1 beforehand I like doing that as well with proper notice.

Players can expect







Experience Level

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