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This fantasy horror module adventure intended for characters levels 1-10 provides everything for a thrilling and spooky game experience. The full contents of the book version are fully integrated into the Roll20 module, ...

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How to prepare

For this game you will need a roll20 account (free) and discord for chat. You should have a stable internet connection and reliable ways to send and receive sound. being on camera is optional, being on mic is required unless you are unable. New players are welcome and I am happy to do a chat or call before game to go over any questions.

What I provide

I'll provide all required items through roll20. This includes the pure cool that is dynamic lighting. It should really shine in a gothic horror setting.

What else should you know

Online game. Contact me if you have questions. If you have a party of three or four and want to play at a time other than I have listed, contact me for a custom session.

Gameplay Details

Plot-wise, and for those who have never touched Ravenloft in any of its previous iterations, the characters will find themselves away from their world, in a demiplane that only bears the name of the region: Barovia. Its ruler is no other than Strahd von Zarovich, a vampire that holds almost divine-like powers over the land, being its lord and prisoner in one. The characters will need to explore the land and find three items that will help them defeat their enemy in order to escape this sun-forsaken place. In the meanwhile, and in typical gothic-horror fashion, he will confront and taunt the players many times, while at the same time pushing his own agenda and trying to claim a woman he becomes obsessed with. There are only two ways to conclude this adventure; either Strahd will perish, or the characters. There is no other way. In addition to not being linear, the adventure provides numerous threads to explore and foes to eliminate. The atmosphere is truly that of horror. The imagery it continuously projects is that of helplessness, of despair, with disturbing insertions of pure horror.

How Will Character Creation Work

We will create characters in our first session. It's good to set up a group dynamic and make sure everyone is playing a role they like as apart of a of balance. New players are welcome to set a time to go over character creation.

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