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Join in on this dive into the Demiplane of Dread known as Ravenloft! In this campaign, you'll be taken through the 5e Curse of Strahd module with extra twists and turns throughout. Escaping Barovia and the Demiplanes of ...

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How to prepare

I will have a short document with a couple homerules I use that is sent out before the session, discord and roll20 will both be used. I would also appreciate it if players could prepare a short backstory (half a page to two pages max).

What I provide

I can provide tokens from the basic roll20 library and given enough time, make one for you if you provide the art you'd like to use!

What else should you know

I use a modified X-Card for players to let me know if they are uncomfortable with the current scene and if I should proceed through it faster or skip it completely. This will be covered more in depth before the first session begins!

Gameplay Details

Every session I hope to reach a milestone in the campaign or to be very near the next milestone. We may go several sessions in a row with combat and longer without combat.

How Will Character Creation Work

I like to work closely with players to create their characters and make sure that its a character they would like to play! I can provide a link to a dndbeyond campaign that has almost all current character options unlocked for you to create your character in. I don't have a lot unlocked on roll20 since I mainly use dndbeyond for character creation. Any official and/or playtest material from WoTC is allowed and if you want to use homebrew classes/subclasses/races please consult with me first! Characters should be level 1 as this is the start of a campaign!

Players can expect







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