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Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Foundry VTT

You are a part of a secret order tasked to protect the land from arcane magic users who abuse their power. Your character's selfish goals unfold and intertwine with others as you and your fellow members make your way fr...

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How to prepare

This game is designed to drop-in with little to no experience with D&D.

What I provide

Upon confirmation I will provide the link to the website online where we will be using Foundry Virtual Table Top to play the game. The game will have the choice of characters with their character sheets already set up.

What else should you know

The game will available an hour before the game starts. It is advised to show up early to iron out technical difficulties and read about your character.

Gameplay Details

This game is designed to pick up a character sheet and just start playing. Little or no planning for the players. It is designed for beginners and experienced players. There is a mix of a good amount of combat and role playing. The story unfolds as each characters interact with the world and each other.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters are pre-made and carefully designed to work well with a group as well as interesting backstories that intertwine with each other. The list of level 7 characters include: Krumendi – Eladrin (Fey Elf) Bladesinger Wizard/Rogue Storm – High Elf College of Glamour Bard Julian Clay – Human Abjuration Wizard Max Brewer – Human Eldritch Knight Fighter Blaine Castle – Human Transmutation Wizard (Available with 4-6 players) Riley Beringer – Human Divination Wizard (Available with 4-6 players)

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