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High drama and social politics, with the occasional tussle; just like any high school right? Join the newest class of heroes at the Conservatory, where you will hone your skills to be among the mightiest in all of Avaris...

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How to prepare

You can check out all of my house rules in my server: You'll need a free Roll20 account, a discord account, and your preferred character sheet(paper,Roll20, DnDBeyond)

What I provide

Music, maps, adventure, and a whole arsenal of voices!

What else should you know

Be prepared to embark on the adventure of your lives!

Gameplay Details

This homebrew adventure is an open sandbox that will be molded by the actions taken by the group! As students on campus, you'll have the freedom to accept quests as they come. Triumph and glory awaits, but remember to do your homework as well!

How Will Character Creation Work

Come to our first session with your character made or at least an idea for one in mind! You can check out all of my house rules in my server:

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Open To All

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