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You and your friends are about to finish your studies at the new Adventurer's College. Headmaster Malek, the Stormbringer, has called you to his office. It seems one of the rogue students has gotten into something he sho...

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How to prepare

You will need a account (Free) to be able to play this game. A headset, or mic/headphones, will be required to do game via voice. Though, game can be done via text if needs be. Knowledge of the system and of Roll20 is helpful, but not required.

What I provide

Everything else needed will/has been provided by myself or is a function of

What else should you know

Games may contain strong language and graphic description. If this can be an issue, please let me known ahead of time and I can adjust things accordingly.

Gameplay Details

This is a classic dungeon crawl, exploring some ancient ruins while tracking your target.

How Will Character Creation Work

There'll be 1st level, pre-generated characters for everyone to use.

Players can expect







Experience Level


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