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Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Foundry VTT

Welcome to DnD. Or maybe even welcome to Table Top Role Playing Games! I'm setting up this 3 hour campaign to teach players both the basics of DnD and how to use Foundry as a Virtual Table Top. All you need is a modern l...

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How to prepare

You will need access to two main sites, and it would help if you set up accounts before the day of the game. They are: ‣ ‣ Sorry, but Foundry does not work well with safari. Make sure your other browser has GPU acceleration enabled.

What I provide

Everything will be handled in Foundry

What else should you know

I hope you like puns. My favorite ones are about meat. Ruining the punchline was a misteak, but it's a rare medium well done.

Gameplay Details

Gameplay is all about balancing the 3 pillars of DnD to the party's liking. Role play, exploration, combat. RP- I wont push too hard, but RP is 2/3 of RPG, so it's kinda important. Math. I like to run challenging campaigns that fully pull players into connecting with their characters. Exploration- Using Foundry VTT, I can prepare a spread of maps and have them ready depending where the players decide to go. Included is dynamic lighting, which gives each player their own individual FOV to the battlefield. Combat- If you've never used a VTT before, you are missing out. With character sheet integration, each roll is just a click away. This helps with encounter pacing immensely giving each player more time to interact with the world. The game itself will be handled on a web browser that can display maps, tokens, character sheets, and more. We will be using discord for verbal communication.

How Will Character Creation Work

You will be able to chose from 12 premade characters. Give them a personal name and they'll become yours to do with as you wish.

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