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This game is for those new and old to D&D, and/or 5e. Each encounter will be custom tailored to your party but there are also static time based events for you to influence and change! Ceres is in a time of peace, for now...

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How to prepare

Players will need to have whichever platform they have chosen downloaded and ready to run. Players will get the most value when they are familiar with their chose platform but the DM will aid in teaching a platform if necessary. Please have the basic ideas for your character in mind. Please email the DM before the first session with any special requests or questions.

What I provide

The DM will provide an epic story line for the players to follow if they so choose, creating their story as they desire. The DM will send players copies of character sheets that they can fill out and print off. If a player prefers their own sheets that will be acceptable, as long as a copy of the sheet is provided to the DM. The DM will have designed all maps, NPC's and images which will be provided throughout the campaign.

What else should you know

I am very flexible as a DM, so if you have any requests I will always do my best to accommodate any needs or wants. Food during the session is welcome, assuming it does not interfere with the session. Pricing is also flexible especially for parties of 4 or more. I want everyone to feel welcome and be able to play, while also being compensated for the services I am providing.

Gameplay Details

In these sessions players can expect to do whatever they wish! Guidance towards missions and side quests will be provided but players may choose to blaze their own path if desired. I spend many hours preparing for each session, including developing the main plot and preparing options for players that wish to follow alternate paths. If you have any requests I am more than happy to hear them and incorporate them into the world. Maps of the world will be provided.

How Will Character Creation Work

The DM will sit down with you during your first session to aid in the character creation process. Between your first and second sessions you can create the background for your character but it is not required. If you choose to do so the DM will be able to incorporate your backstory into the campaign and provide flavorful challenges and rewards for your character. In the interest of equality all characters will start at level 1 and can go to 20.

Players can expect







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