Dungeons & Dragons 5e | CCC-SDREAM-01-01 "From Every Winter, Spring" - Author-run D&D 5e for Characters Level 1-4

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Roll20, Zoom

"An elderly gentleman asks a group of green adventurers to escort him to a fountain of youth. What they discover will leave them rethinking their own lives. A Two- to Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 1 Characters. Optimized ...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Players should bring completed characters, and should download and install Zoom (a link will be sent out prior to the game). We use both video and voice in this game, and players must have both to play through the tale.

What I provide

I will host the Zoom meeting, and I will provide the story, soundboard, and voice acting my players are accustomed to.

What else should you know

If you have any special needs, please reach out to me to let me know. My games are safe places for underrepresented communities, and players need to be sensitive to the diversity present at my table.

Gameplay Details

Content Warning: Horror, demential, Alzheimer's We will use safety tools during this campaign, including lines/veils and the X-Card. These tools will be taught before gameplay.

How Will Character Creation Work

For homebrew play, characters will bring their own heroes to the table, between levels 1 and 4. Characters should use point buy or standard array, and have average number of hit points by level, with no more than 2 common or uncommon magic items. For Adventurers League play, characters must use the legacy character rules, and characters must be between 1 and 4.

Players can expect







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