Indie TTRPG | Camp Flying Moose for Girls of All Kinds: "The Boom"

Indie TTRPG, Powered by the Apocalypse RPG on Discord, Zoom

"Summer camp is a magical experience, isn’t it? The heat of the summer, the excitement of being away from home, and the sense that you are figuring out who you are. Away from your parents, school, and your annoying littl...

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How to prepare

Your camper uses she or she/they pronouns Design your camper girl at and save the picture Give your camper girl a first name. Answer the following questions: How many years have you been coming to camp? Who is your best friend at camp? What are you an expert at at camp? Your Abilities are SPEED, SMARTS, STRENGTH, FRIENDSHIP, and CRAFTING (aka arts & crafts) Assign the following ability scores, one per ability : 2, 1, 0, 0, -1.

What I provide

A fun wholesome adventure, relevant maps and reference documents

What else should you know

Look forward to a fun wholesome adventure!

Gameplay Details

Inspired by Powered by the Apocalypse, but even simpler! Your party of campers will spend their time investigating a mystery and use their smarts, arts (and crafts), and friendship to solve problems plaguing humans and cryptids alike!

How Will Character Creation Work

You will prep your character before coming, and we will review the basic rules for 15 minutes or so before the session.

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