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Avast, Scallywag! Join us on The Voyage as we sail across the Sword Coast, collecting bounties on pirate heads and surviving the rough seas. This level 1-15 adventure centers around a ship's crew as they work to investig...

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How to prepare

You can check out all of my house rules in my server: I use a webcam, but for you it isn't necessary(unlike you'd like to be seen!). Microphones and a quiet environment is a must. You'll need a free Roll20 account, a discord account, and your preferred character sheet(paper,Roll20, DnDBeyond)

What I provide

Music, maps, adventure, and a whole arsenal of voices!

What else should you know

Be prepared to embark on the adventure of your lives!

Gameplay Details

X card and other safety tools as outlined in the house rules. Fell free to fill out Lines & Veils form also available in the house rules.

How Will Character Creation Work

Come to our first session with your character made or at least an idea for one in mind! I also have pregens if you'd like one of those characters! You can check out all of my house rules in my server:

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Open To All

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