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Business Wizards on Roll20, Zoom

A roleplaying game in the Arcane World of Business! In Business Wizards you are a BIZARD! That means you are wizard who is ALL BUSINESS! You solve your daily problems with magic and sorcery rather than good old fashio...

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How to prepare

No need to read the rules or create a character prior to playing unless you so desire. However, it may be a good idea to think of what type of wizard you would want to be in the corporate world. The game will be played via Zoom and/or Roll20 so having a Roll20 account is a good idea.

What I provide

We will bring some preset adventures, digital characters sheets, an in-depth knowledge of the game and bagels!

What else should you know

No previous knowledge of business or wizards needed. Business Wizards is an equal opportunity roleplaying game.

Gameplay Details

Overall game play is creative, wacky and cooperative. The players do some planning together via a SWOT ANALYSIS listing their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats at the start of the session. However, nothing is required before the session and full character creation and SWOT are typically finished within 30 minutes. Business Wizards uses the POLYMORPH system which is a new and simple roleplaying system. It is a one die per player system focusing on your character being better at some stat rolls than others. You can play as The Innovator d4, The Dynamo d6, The Cutthroat d8 or The Manager d10. Players only have to roll THEIR die and want to roll in the range of numbers of the GM's chosen stat (example: An IDEATE roll requires a 2 or 3, so the Innovator is very good at using IDEATE and The Dynamo is pretty good at using IDEATE while The Manager isn't so good at IDEATE rolls.). A typical experience would be that your team has been tasked with creating a new ad campaign for a new product release next month. The Manager may DELEGATE some tasks to the group in the hopes they they don't have to do any ACTUAL magic. The Cutthroat decides to put a spell of protection on themselves so they can't be blamed for any mistakes or delays. The Innovator and The Dynamo decide to try out a grassroots campaign on the new WITCHTOK app to hit the young wizard market! What could go wrong???

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation will happen during the session. It is very quick and will be part of the learn to play process.

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