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Dark, wicked, misshapen God's cackle and laugh. Their melted and deformed bodies marooned on the cold ocean floor. This is not their world. This is forever night. Forever penance. This is Black Sun. The only God that ma...

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How to prepare

You should have discord installed and be in my private server a day prior to our game. A working microphone and camera for use in discord. Have an idea of what type of character you want to play(Fighter/Rogue/Magic User). This game revolves around characters who are trying to find redemption for an evil act they committed. Have something in mind for a backstory, we will work together to flesh it out. Email prior to our game session to work on your character sheet (the sooner the better/at least a day before our game).

What I provide

Everything we need to run our game.

What else should you know

The last thing we need is anyone trying to make the game uncomfortable for someone else. Be respectful of each other. Use good judgement before you speak. We are all sitting across from each other at this virtual table... use good manners and make each other welcome. Have a great game. 18+only please.

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