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For the money, the old house in the country was something you could never have afforded in the city. A fixer-upper, they had called it. Looking at the rotten floorboards and broken out windows you understood the under...

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How to prepare

You should have discord installed and be in my private server a day prior to our game(or as close as we can get). A working microphone and camera for use in discord. Email prior to our game session to work on your character (the sooner the better/at least a day before our game).

What I provide

I will bring a virtual dice roller and thematic background music for your haunting. There will be maps and pictures that can be used and viewed right through our private game discord.

What else should you know

The last thing we need is anyone trying to make the game uncomfortable for someone else. Be respectful of each other. Use good judgement before you speak. We are all sitting across from each other at this virtual table... use good manners and make each other welcome. Have a great game. 18+only please.

Gameplay Details

Gameplay is theatre of the mind. This is NOT a crunchy combat game, THIS IS a psychological horror game with roleplay as its main focus. Character development and interaction, throughout a nightmare scenario, are the stars of this game.

How Will Character Creation Work

Based on the number of players we have in your session, we will develop the members and playable characters of The Family. The Family are the playable characters who are moving into the old house.(i.e. Mom, Dad ,Brother, and Sister) This character creation will be different for each haunting, as no two sessions will be alike. The character sheet will be an easy mix between D&D and Call of Cthulhu. Once a character is chosen, the stat work is not as important as the background we both develop for The Family member. An email thread will be established, as players join the game, to let you know what roles are available. The Family will change for each game providing ideal opportunities for multiple playthroughs and a myriad of different hauntings.

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