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Hopefully, a relaxed and exciting game for new or casual players who want to explore a fantasy setting without the stress of world destruction looming overhead. Set primarily on the continent of Nedesh and starting in ...

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How to prepare

Players aren't required to prepare anything apart from having a Discord account, and a (free) dndbeyond account.

What I provide

Setting handouts, Maps, Character art (if players don't have their own)

What else should you know


Gameplay Details

The general "game-play loop" of this Campaign will typically have the players receive a list of locations or items the Researchers are interested in. Given some basic supplies and means of transport in the beginning the party will then spend some time researching within the halls, gathering supplies, talking to NPC's or other civilization centered activities. When they feel they are prepared the party will then set out into the wilds, surviving and navigating there way to whatever location or lead they have to discover some Arcane, Historical, or Natural Wonder; many of which may be filled to bursting with any manner of ancient traps, monsters, and treasures. Upon learning all that they can, and recovering any items of note, the adventurers will then have to make their way either to their next task or to a Hall of Scrolls to report back and receive payments. When not actively engaged in an immediate task the players are encouraged to explore the world and interact with it's sights, activities, and peoples. There is more than one interesting story to be heard in this High Fantasy Setting.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation can work one of two ways: Preferably, the entire party as well as myself will meet in the Discord server that our games will take place for a session 0. Here we will go through general background, setting information, general table rules, running through the basics DnDbeyond and Dungeonfog for gameplay as necessary, and go through all of the Character Creation. I expect that this won't take more than an hour. If schedules don't allow for that, we can combine what would have been Sessions 0 and 1, and just spend that first portion of that time doing the pre-work.

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