Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Banquet of the Damned (One-Shot)

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Banquet of the Damned is an... appetizingly awesome adventure designed for a party of 3 – 5 characters of 3-5th level, optimized for characters of 4th level. Although this is a great adventure for experienced players, th...

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How to prepare

We will use Roll20 for maps and combat and Zoom for online video and voice, so you'll need access to those apps (recommend using Roll20 on Chrome due to the extension). Players will need their character sheet (D&D Beyond) and a webcam/microphone set up for the online game. For character creation: 1) Make a 4th level character in D&D Beyond ( 2) To simplify dice rolls, please install the Beyond20 chrome extension found here: Feel free to contact me beforehand through email to go over and confirm anything if need be.

What I provide

All dice rolls will be done through D&D Beyond into Roll20. Players will choose their own character token/illustration to be used through D&D Beyond and Roll20. Maps will be virtualized in the Roll20 interface.

What else should you know

I go by the Three Golden Rules of gaming: 1) The DM has the last word. 2) Don't be a **** to your fellow players or DM. 3) Have fun!

Gameplay Details

Exploring a creepy and slightly icky mystery, with equal parts combat, social interaction, and exploration. Be careful what you eat!

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