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Sinister forces are at work in Baldur's Gate, but it's up to YOU how to challenge them. Experience the most famous city in Dungeons & Dragons history as a living, breathing environment that reacts to your choices. Form b...

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How to prepare

If you are joining the campaign as a group of friends, you should talk among yourselves about what sort of party you want to create. Make sure you have a good microphone. Depending on your level of comfort, we can create characters together (if you're new or want a heavily crafted experience) and I can walk you through getting used to Roll20 and the rules.

What I provide

I have the entire campaign ready to go on Roll20, with tons of high-quality premium maps, game music, rules, sidequests, and other assets.

What else should you know

This campaign focuses heavily on exploration and discovery at your own pace, but if you find things dragging down or becoming unclear, I am always ready to get things back on track.

Gameplay Details

In each session, the party will have a list of objectives and complete choice over what to do in the city of Baldur's Gate (and beyond!). They may choose to delve into hardcore dungeons to fight villains and loot treasure, track down bounties in the taverns and alleyways, conspire with kingpins to take over the thieves' guild, negotiate with nobles to gain influence and power in the city. There is an evil plot at work which is on a timetable--if the party doesn't stop it, things will go poorly.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will start at level 1. All Wizards of the Coast official content is pre-approved (except for non-Forgotten Realms content). In addition, the DM has a large catalogue of homebrew and third party content available. We will create characters together in Session 0, though you may also submit characters for pre-approval. We're using Point Buy and any non-Wizards of the Coast content should be approved by the DM before we begin. Characters will be given their choice of starting locations, including the city of Elturel, the town of Saltmarsh, the city of Baldur's Gate, and the library of Candlekeep. Each location has a different starting quest that will get the plot rolling.

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