Tunnel Goons | Astral Curse of the Iron Gnomes

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What happened to the gnomes of the Rust Snake Hills? Find out in this 3 level, 15 room dungeon! Made for the Tunnel Goons analog adventure game but usable for any table top dungeon crawling adventure game! This is a fas...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Download and read the free rules for Tunnel Goons v1.2, if you like! I don't mind teaching as we go.

What I provide

I'll bring myself and the adventure materials. Hopefully some laughs, too.

What else should you know

Tunnel Goons has 70+ hacks out there, it's very popular.

Gameplay Details

Tunnel Goons is a simple game which uses degree of success to determine damage, and remaining hit points to determine difficulty. It's fast and easy and rolls downhill delightfully.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation takes about a minute, we can do that at the session start for maximum team-building! It's also helpful if you perish.

Players can expect







Experience Level


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