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For centuries the world of Frokes has been existing peacably (more or less) within the chaotic swirls of limbo itself, the plane of chaos. But now the slaadi, the natural denizens of limbo, have finally broken through th...

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How to prepare

We'll want to have a planning session sometime before the game. Since this is a one shot yall'll want to create your characters with planning and backstory with each other. This is a world of chaotic possibilities, it is not uncommon for adventurers to have originated from other worlds, so any background can work so long as there is a reason for the PC to decide to stay in this chaotic world. Willingly or no.

What I provide

I will have books and other reference materials next to me. I'll also see about having a battle mat on my computer and screen share that for better battle immersion.

What else should you know

Be prepared for me to be hard on you. I'll keep the game fair while allowing you to be crazy awesome, but so long as we can keep it enjoyable for everyone.

Gameplay Details

This will mostly be just an all out battle. you expect to learn the mechanics of battle more clearly if you don't already. You'll also have a chance to try out some of those late game abilities that are rare to see even in long going campaigns.

How Will Character Creation Work

You should come with premade characters or use some of the characters I have available. It'll be at MAX level.

Players can expect







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