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Fans of "Lovecraft Country" and table top role playing games should love this game. Following H.P. Lovecraft's style (think 20th century Edgar Allan Poe if you're not familiar), this classic horror genre has been in gam...

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How to prepare

Characters can be provided. For beginning players, rules will get explained prior to the game beginning.

What I provide

Characters if needed. You may contact me with any questions.

What else should you know

I only speak English.

Gameplay Details

Call of Cthulu (CoC) uses a percentile based system. Compared to other CoC systems, 7th Edition is more streamlined when it comes to "simple rolls", "harder rolls" and "critical success/failures". Most of the game is investigating a mystery with the potential of combat at the end. This is a horror game in the classical late 19th, early 20th century style. As you find out the "true nature" of the universe, your character may die or go insane. For a quick rating, I tend to run at a PG-13 rating. If younger children join up, I will modify to where parents are comfortable. For horror based adventures, players are encouraged to use traffic light signals when it comes to comfortable/uncomfortable situations. Green is fine, yellow is proceed with caution, and red is a stop. You can either type this in the VTT I'm using or say it out loud in the Discord chat. The last thing I want is players to feel uncomfortable. I want to create a game experience that everybody enjoys.

How Will Character Creation Work

I can help with character generation or come up with a pre-generated character for you.

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Open To All

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