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Arena Of Heroes: Rise to Glory

55 Reviews

Arena Of Heroes: Rise to Glory

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Roll20, Theater of the Mind

Price per player-session
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  • Duration: 3.5 to 4 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Experience required: Open to all
  • Price per player-session

    About the adventure

    "What brings you 'ere?" grumbles the scarred human man sitting behind the table. "Debt? Seeking fame or fortune? Running from the law?" You glance around at the other gladiators being barked at by arena masters as they go through drills and practice fights. Across the fresh sand you can still see blood soaked areas exposed by all the activity. "Oi!" snaps the scarred man, "Give me your name and patron and you can go join them, let's keep the line moving!" You answer him, he writes your name down in his ledger book and waves you aside. You're quickly handed a practice weapon and thrown into the fray. The Arena of Heroes is always recruiting new gladiators, and wealthy patrons are searching for their next Champions to bolster their reputation. You and your other new recruits have to fight your way bout after bout to achieve your goals. But you'd better get a patron and quickly, otherwise your equipment and training will fall behind your rivals. And keep a sharp eye on your rivals, cheating is commonplace to get that upper edge.

    Professional Game Master

    Ben Rohl | Rohl 4 Initiative


    55 Reviews


    6 years as a TTRPG player

    6 years as a Game Master

    144 games hosted

    Brings If you play with me you get everything you need and more! D&DBeyond, Roll20, battlemaps, tokens, monsters, voices, and a custom world with map! to the table

    Ben Rohl | Rohl 4 Initiative profile

    Additional Details

    How to prepare

    šŸ¹ Microphone (required) šŸŽ¤ šŸ¹ Webcam (preferred, but not required) šŸ“¹ šŸ¹ Roll20 (required, free to use, used for character sheets, dice rolls, VTT, and cameras) šŸ¹ Discord (required, free to use, used for audio and out of game chat)

    What I provide

    I bring the world to you through voices, maps, enemies, and everything mechanical needed. You'll get full compedium access on Roll20 to be able to create whatever character you want!

    Gameplay details

    šŸ¹ GAMEPLAY šŸ¹ Over the course of the game expect mostly combat, good amount of roleplay, and little exploration. A individual sesssion may be only one of those aspects or many. I adapt to the players and lean into what we enjoy the most. šŸ¹ SAFETY TOOLS šŸ¹ Lines and veils Lines are hard limits and establish things that will not be in the game at all. Veils are more "behind the curtain". Those things may occur but we won't focus on them or describe them in great detail. Lines and veils can change throughout the game with ease. Open Door If at any time you wish to leave the table, you may do so for any reason no questions asked. I will reach out to you and establish what changes can be made to ensure that you are comfortable at the table and that it doesn't happen again. I am here to create a space everyone can enjoy themselves and have fun and that that is my first priority. X-Card If at any time you are upset or don't want the current scene to continue, simply click the X-Card macro in Roll20 that I already have setup and gameplay immediately stops and we discuss how to proceed and what to avoid no questions asked.

    Content warnings


    Safety tools used
    • Breaks
    • Lines and Veils
    • Open Door
    • Session 0
    How will character creation work

    Characters will start at level 3 Creation will occur during Session 0 on Roll20. You will get the Discord link after signing up to begin chatting with players and me! I ask you to think about a character's motivation about entering a combat arena situation beforehand. Is their motivation fame, fortune, freedom, legacy, or avoiding arrest? Any of those and many others are excellent starting spots. The story in this campaign is going to be about the characters and their motivations and as level 3 characters you've done some things in your life. What have you done that has led you to this point? What is driving you? Why are you risking your life?

    Players can expect

    • Combat/Tactics: High
    • Roleplay: Medium
    • Puzzles: Medium
    • Experience Level: Open to all

    Player reviews (55)

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