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I’ve created my own world called Lothian, it has a wide range of biomes and cultures but the gods are set in the Egyptian pantheon. Also, the world has only known mostly peace for the last few centuries as the nations of...

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How to prepare

Brush up on how 5e works but I’ve also dealt with plenty of beginners so really no preparation is necessary, though if you build your character ahead of time I’ll just want to look it over before we begin.

What I provide

I will have maps, my own dice, and any source material you might want to check.

What else should you know

I’m a overly kind DM as far as character builds, I’m cool with homebrews and just about anything, really. Just keep in mind, the more broken you build you characters, the more broken I get to make my enemies.

Gameplay Details

I start out moving the characters along a set path but then quickly hand over the reigns to allow the party to choose how they want to solve problems and spend time. It’s definitely more of a character exploration campaign and well as a world exploration. Not as much monster slaying though there will be no shortage of combat. Also, as the campaign progresses the tone shifts sharply from exploration to survival.

How Will Character Creation Work

I’m willing to help with character creation during the first session or you can already have them built. The campaign will start at lvl 1 and go to lvl 20.

Players can expect







Experience Level

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