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Using the main world from Paizo this urban campaign feels like Sherlock Homes meets a Victorian era arcane magical world gone mad. You are a part of the temporary city guard that will be protecting the radiant festival ...

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How to prepare

A web-cam is not necessary but welcome, a microphone however is a strong bonus. A basic understanding of the rules is helpful and I would be willing to set up a time to discuss them ahead of time, however not necessary for session 0 or 1. Everything can be done within a browser window and discord, so no software downloads needed and no dice are necessary. Everything can be done with your Internet browser!

What I provide

I will have everything set for you including maps, character tokens, monsters, mystery, hard choices and scary villains. Bring your fun ideas and positive attitude!

What else should you know

I've run this game a number of times and every time there have been for people who have never heard of the world. After the first session or two, they have all fell in love with at least one of the following the characters, the world or the adventure. I'm sure you will to.

Gameplay Details

I will be following a pre-written Adventure Path. A game session will have combat yes but a smart group can most of the time turn that combat into diplomatic debates and win without drawing any weapons with good roleplay not including the big bad of course but you can certainly try.

How Will Character Creation Work

I'd like to run a free session 0 to make characters and talk about any lines or veils that I need to be aware of. I will help you set up a sheet in Roll20 if you would like.

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