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Death and destruction have been laid heavily upon every place these monsters have visited. This has caused great anger in high places, for life and property loss means failure of the vows of noble rulers to protect the l...

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How to prepare

please have discord and mic , create your characters before hand and maybe have a backup or two. I would appreciate screen shots or breakdowns of your characters at the begging of sessions.

What I provide

I will be bringing my best story voice ... I hope

What else should you know


Gameplay Details

A typical session should require plenty of planning , thinking on your feet and knowing when to retreat, a decent amount of exploring and plenty of giants to slay.

How Will Character Creation Work

Your characters will be level 11 , if you have premade or characters you wish to carry over ill allow it , if you want to start fresh you may add 1000 gold to your starting amount and please use the standard ability array . magic items may be provided by me when we start. Unearthed Arcana is allowed .

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