Adventures of Anima - A Homebrew DnD Adventure (Friends, Family, and Playtesters Version)

Adventures of Anima - A Homebrew DnD Adventure (Friends, Family, and Playtesters Version)

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  • Duration: 1 to 1 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: Intermediate

Price per player-session

About the adventure

Please note this version of the campaign is for my friends, family or play testers only. Please see the other versions of this campaign if you are a customer. Thanks. Adventures of Anima is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure designed to take 3-6 players from levels 1-4. It features an open world filled with monsters, treasure, traps and puzzles waiting to be explored. Players will delve deep into the Country of Halfland, a hobbit inspired country filled with a relaxed and fun loving people. They will sail the seas, save the village, and eventually claim a ship of their own.

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Average response time: Under 1 hour

Response rate: 100%

Additional Details

How to prepare

Players need the following for this campaign: - A working microphone. - A Roll20 account (Free to set up and use). - A premade character. This will allow for maximum playtime while respecting the time of the other players. I encourage you to sign up and email/message/show me with your character so I can make sure it is fine for the party and campaign. The following is optional but recommended: - A camera. - A DnDBeyond account (Free as well). - Beyond20. A free plugin to link your DnDBeyond character with Roll20.

What I provide

We will use DnDBeyond for character creation, Roll20 for maps, tokens, and play and Discord for voice and video. I own most of the 5th edition DnD books, and I have a master tier DnDBeyond subscription. I also own a pro tier Roll20 subscription. I have over 20 years experience playing DnD and 15 years of experience as a dungeon master. I 3D print my own minis.

Gameplay details

Boundaries and triggers will be discussed before a player begins play and during session zero. The players D&D characters may encounter the following throughout their adventures: - Violence - Death - Fire - Illness - Spiders - Loads of fun The following behavior is discouraged or prohibited. - Player versus player combat. - Metagaming. This includes googling monster statistics or reading adventures ahead of time. While it may be ok to have this knowledge, don't let it guide your character's actions. Your adventurer may not know that trolls can regenerate! - Telling others what to do. Suggest, don't tell. D&D is a team game. - Rules layering. The DM sometimes needs to bend or even break rules in service of the story or game balance. This is typical in D&D. - Cheating. Cheating is not permitted. Be honest with your rolls and accept the consequences of your actions. Abusive or disrespectful behavior towards other players or the Dungeon Master will not be tolerated. Have fun. Show up on time. Don't be mean. Share space.

Content warnings


Safety tools used
  • Open Door
  • Session 0
How will character creation work

Edition: 5th Edition DnD Starting Level: 1st - 4th. This depends on where the campaign is at story-wise when the player joins. Please ask during character creation. Players: 3-6 Usable Material: Anything published by Wizards is fair game. No unearthed arcana. Starting Stats: Standard point buy. World: My world, called Anima. Gods. Greyhawk Pantheon plus some homebrew gods. Time Period: Standard medieval DnD. Some early firearms exist. Races: No flying races, no races from the dragonlance setting, and no warforged. Frequency: Weekly. Logistics: Roll20 for gameplay, Discord for voice and video. Alignment: No restrictions. Starting Wealth: by race, class, and background. If creating a character higher than first level, add 10gp per level. In other words, if you are creating a third-level character, add 30gp to your starting gold. On the World My world is called anima. It features nearly a dozen major countries and nearly two dozen smaller ones. Not all have been fleshed out, or even named for that matter. However, most do play a part in this storyline. To name some countries: Halfland. The halfling homeworld. It is a mixture of traditional halfling culture, fishing culture, and Irish-inspired culture. This is where the campaign takes place. It is a democracy. Valendar. The elven homeworld. It is a mixture of elvish culture as well as European medieval culture. A classic kings and queens, lords and ladies set up. Freeland. The dwarven homeworld. It is a mixture of dwarven culture as well as American and Canadian culture. It is a democracy. Capilistica. The human homeworld. It is a country driven by a culture of maximizing money and production. They live and die for efficiency, and are led by the richest amongst them. Gnomeria. The gnome homeworld. A desolate and devastated country that is mostly wastelands and domed cities. It was nearly destroyed after a cataclysm. They have some of the most advanced technology and are influenced by steampunk culture. It is an oligarchy, led by many noble families. Draconus. The dragonborn homeworld. They are ruled by the good-aligned dragons. It features tightly controlled dragonborn clans and a hearty respect for gold and treasure. However, they tend to be isolationist in their outlook. It is led by a dragon emperor.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
  • Roleplay: Medium
  • Puzzles: Medium
  • Experience Level: Intermediate

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