Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Adventurers League DDAL 09-01: Escape From Elturgard on Role20

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Roll20, Discord

This is a perfect entrance point to the Adventurers League organized play system for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. If you would like to build your character from level 1 and move forward with the portability required to pla...

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How to prepare

If you choose the D&DBeyond route for character creation I highly suggest you use Chrome as your web browser and install the free and very useful Beyond20 extension for Chrome. It allows you to just click on the DDB character sheet to roll any attack, save, or check in Role20. A quick google search for Beyond20 will get you started on that installation.

What I provide

Role20 with dynamic lighting battle maps and access to PHB and XGE compendiums, D&DBeyond with ALL official rule books which I can share for this game with a campaign link I will give you once you are inside Role20, and a teaching spirit! I'm a good teacher (I've been a chemistry professor for 20 years) and I can't wait to help you learn about the fun of making and advancing your character using the official portability of the Adventurers League!

What else should you know

I will be running Tier 1 AL games a few times and then progress to Tier 2 and onward! So keep your eyes open for a chance to advance your adventurers league character! After all, that's the point!

Gameplay Details

Most AL modules are a mixture of combat (we will use Roll20's VTT for this), social interaction (We will use either Roll20 for voice and video or Discord as a backup), and puzzle solving. This particular adventure is a series of short missions intended to on-board new AL players as well as bring you into the Season 9, Descent into Avernus, storyline. During the first hour I will help those new to Adventurers League understand the stipulations of AL including character creation using PHB+1 and the need to record a logsheet. Then, at the top of the second hour, the adventure begins!

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation must be Adventurers League legal using the PHB+1 rule and the season 9 players guide. Or if you already have a adventurers-league-progressed level 1 or 2 character with logsheet, you are welcome to use it. Your character should be made and maintained either in Role20 or D&DBeyond. If you use D&DBeyond I will gladly share all my books in a campaign for you to make the creation more versatile, but remember you can only use one book in addition to the PHB so you are AL legal and you will lose access to my DDB books at the end of the session.

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