Dungeons & Dragons 5e | A Regal Betrayal

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You awaken in a dungeon with others around you. All you can remember is your name. You have no idea who you are, how you got there, or why. Will you work with the others? Can you trust them? Will your memory ever return?...

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How to prepare

A familiarity with races and classes will be helpful in this game as you must discover who your character is. You will need an account on and on Discord. A computer and reliable internet access are required as well. A headset mic is suggested but not required.

What I provide

Fully and carefully crafted characters with backstories for the players to discover and evolve with. A world of adventure and delight. Years of role playing and writing experience.

What else should you know

You must be willing to role play a character that would make decisions that would be different than your own in this game.

Gameplay Details

A delightful mixture of homebrewed interaction and role play, puzzle solving, and combat (murder hobos will not last). You will be challenged to discover who your player is and what he or she will need to last in this game.

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