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5th Age Divergent is an alternate future for the world of Arda created by J.R.R. Tolkien. In the Age of Men, magic dwindled and nearly passed out of the land and men squandered their stewardship of the world. Legend h...

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How to prepare

This is a new system, but the basic mechanics of the game are simple enough that there is no reason to read the rules beforehand unless you want to create your own character. The PHB is free and online. I will guide you as to actions you can take and what you need to roll until you get the hang of the system and don't need my guidance any further. All you need to bring is your imagination!

What I provide

Discord has its own bot system for rolling dice so we will use that. I will provide images via .jpgs posted in game for you to visualize what all is happening when needed. If you have a picture that represents your character, feel free to post that up for the group to see.

What else should you know

We are here to have fun! :)

Gameplay Details

The geography of the world itself is familiar to all Tolkien fans, though the society has shifted quite a bit. There will be exploring, combat, political intrigue and above all story. While I do not intend for this to be a rails-style adventure like a published module, there are things moving in the world that will guide the players to be where the world needs them to be. Don't misunderstand. You are heroes in a world grown dark, whether you are a bright and shining soul like Aragorn or Frodo of old, or more of an anti-hero, the story calls you to epic feats against evil and saving the world. Combat, exploring, and the rest, therefore, will have story-line meaning and will not function as simple random encounters. As a high school teacher, I have taught roleplaying to my GEEK club students for 13 years. So if you are new to roleplaying, I am glad you are here and happy to help you step into the world of tabletop gaming. If you are experienced and looking for a solid storyline with deep characters and serious roleplaying, I can deliver. This is not to say joking and the tomfoolery common to these kinds of games is unwelcome, but that my focus is to deliver an immersive experience. My philosophy as a GM is that of servant, not tyrant. I do not see you as opponents or enemies, but fellow gamers seeking an escape for a while into another world. My job is to facilitate that for you, to make the game amazing, an experience you will talk about for years to come.

How Will Character Creation Work

I will provide a free Zero Session for character creation over Discord for any who would like to create their own character with me personally walking them through the character creation process. For those who wish, I can provide premade characters around general archetypes that you can polish with your own flavors such as backstory, demographics, and the like.

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