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Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Fantasy Grounds

5e Speedruns feature condensed versions of D&D classics optimized to be played in a single session. These fast-paced adventures feature a random ensemble of heroes pitted against the best traps, monsters, and puzzles D&D...

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How to prepare

For online games, they should download and install the Fantasy Grounds Unity Demo. No license is required. We use Discord for voice so that too should be installed if it is not installed already.

What I provide

All resources required to play will be supplied.

What else should you know

These sessions move fast! It's best to be instinctual, Thinking too long about a problem or puzzle is just as likely to get you killed as the monsters coming down the hall. Live fast and take chances!

Gameplay Details

Beginner Friendly with a focus on action and humor. Characters are somewhat disposable so there tends to be a bit more risk taking than with a character the players are invested in.

How Will Character Creation Work

Randomly selected pre-gens that have been built for the specific game style.

Players can expect







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