Alien RPG | (2 Sessions) Alien RPG: Chariot of the Gods

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Alien RPG is a space horror game for 3-5 players, based on the films produced by 20th Century Fox. Themes for the game include betrayal, corporate espionage, body horror, the terrifying and isolating vastness of space, ...

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How to prepare

Players will require a (free) account so they may join the game. You can feel free to read the rules beforehand, but all will be explained as we play! Maybe watch Alien once or twice to get into the mood.

What I provide

Maps, illustrations, dice, and character sheets are all provided virtually via the Roll20 platform.

What else should you know

One more time - there is likely to be PvP (player vs. player) combat, so if that's not your bag, please skip!

Gameplay Details

This game is setup like a film - it is broken down into 3 Acts, with escalating tension and stakes as it goes on. It is very role-play heavy, as players must choose one of the pre-generated characters made specifically for this adventure and are expected to fully embrace and not deviate greatly from their backgrounds. At the start of each Act characters are given personal agendas that should influence their actions and motivations. As with most Horror Films, there will be slowly exploring mysterious and frightening places and then sudden and deadly combat. Humans are squishy and Aliens are not, so direct combat should always be the last option if given an alternative. Planning and creativity are rewarded over trying to solve the problem by shooting everything! If you're familiar with the Alien Franchise, this game is most similar to the first film, emphasizing horror over action.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character summaries and portraits will be provided to the players beforehand, then character sheets and agendas will be given out during the first session.

Players can expect







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