Experiments in Terror

Monster of the Week on Zoom

Secretly monster hunters posing as college students, You have been summoned by your favorite science professor Dr. Richard Ixbahn to the grand opening of the new Zilmad Community College Science Building. He is eager to ...

Experiments in Terror


3 to 4 hours

Number of Players

3 to 5 players

Experience Required

Open To All

Price per Player-Session


Available Times

All times are in UTC timezone.

Additional Details

How to prepare

- Print out the character playbooks file. (All of it, in case you zig-zag and choose a different character.) - Or get the form fillable file handy for game time. - Look through the sheets and make sure you have more than one choice picked out. - It’s also helpful to have several names ready before character creation time. - You will need TWO six-sided dice or equivalent dice-rolling software - You will need Zoom. - You will need a working microphone. - A webcam is preferred, but not required.

What I provide

- The Monster of the Week RPG rules set - “Playbook” character sheets, delivered via download link - The One-Shot adventure from my own brain “Experiments in Terror”

What else should you know

- I am handicapped. I suffer from a neurological condition that will take me some time to recover from. You might see me in my wheelchair somewhere, or in bed. I might walk again, but not yet. - I say all this not for sympathy, but in order to be upfront. - If I’m not gaming, doing occupational or physical therapy, I’m probably working on my next game.

Gameplay Details

Monster of the Week is a largely player-driven narrative RPG. The character ‘playbooks’ are quick to fill out. That and two six-sided dice (or your favorite dice-rolling engine) and we’re good to go. The entire session is a large puzzle that contains limited combat and some exploring.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character ‘playbooks’ will be filled out at the start of the game. There are twelve different characters to choose from, that can each be filled out several ways. There’s only one of each per group, so make sure you are ready with more than one choice. I’ll provide both printable and form fillable sheets prior to game time. After discussing who gets which sheet and filling them in, we’ll go around and find out how you already know each other.

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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