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Madre Charity Month

Madre Charity Month

Mar 1 - Mar 31, 2024

StartPlaying is excited to announce that for the month of March our Charity event will be benefitting Madre. From the 8th to the 31st, Game Masters can run sessions where 100% of the proceeds go to benefit Madre and their work. StartPlaying will match funds raised by all GMs in this way up to $1000. About the Madre: Founded in 1983, MADRE is an international human rights organization that transcends geographies and generations to deliver sustainable gender, racial, climate, and disability justice. We foster a world rooted in our feminist values, where women and girls, and other marginalized groups, fully participate in shaping policies and decision making, their expertise and leadership is recognized and upheld, and they equitably hold power and resources within their communities. StartPlaying is waiving our standard 10% cut from bookings for all charity games, and we will match funds raised by all GMs up to $1000. Join Game Masters in supporting Madre by participating in these charity games throughout February.

$30.00 raised. Let's get to $1,000.00!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Madre Charity Month is hosted on StartPlaying.Games. All Game Masters will need to sign up to run games on StartPlaying.Games to be able to run games for Madre Charity Month.

Just head over to the games page and sign up for whatever game you like!

Yes! We use Stripe for credit card processing. They are one of the largest and most secure payment processors online.

Madre Charity Month runs from - . You can create a game for any timeslot during that time but we recommend that games start at the following timeslots: 12pm EDT, 3pm EDT, 6pm EDT, and 9pm EDT. When scheduling your sessions, keep in mind that StartPlaying.Games will adjust to each user's time zone.

On StartPlaying.Games Game Masters can select your own pricing. Our data finds that games fill seats more often when they are priced between $5 - $20 per seat.

Whatever you like, as long as it doesn't go against our code of conduct.

If you have any questions about using the StartPlaying.Games platform, you can contact

You may use any VTT of your choice as long as it does not conflict with our Code of Conduct.