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Legend in the Mist Demo Week

Legend in the Mist Demo Week

Feb 29 - Mar 7, 2024

From the creators of City of Mist, Legend In The Mist is a rustic fantasy roleplaying game that is breaking indie RPG records on Kickstarter right now! Spin a fireside tale of unlikely villagers setting out on a quest into a greater unknown world, rife with peril and mystery. You play a farmer, an apothecary, or a member of the local guard whose entire life has been lived in the Dales. All you know is the till of the land, the mirth of summer festivals, and glorified stories of a minor skirmish that happened long ago. Lately, however, something has changed. The wind wails as it blows through the ruins of an ancient tower. Shadows move deep in the forest. A crow calls at dusk. A mysterious chill still grips the nights. There is a sense that what has slept so far, is now awakening. A terrible revelation is about to propel you and your companions on a journey to save your home. On your path, you traverse the countryside and wilderness, scale natural obstacles, befriend and trade with locals and wanderers, and explore the ruins of the past. You face off with wild beasts and sometimes much worse, encounter eerie and cryptic beings that nevertheless teach you valuable lessons, and every now and then make a discovery that turns your world upside down. The Legend In The Mist Demo event will run until the grand conclusion of the Legend In The Mist Kickstarter on March 7th. Come join us on the trail and play Legend In The Mist with StartPlaying's welcoming, experienced GMs!

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